Health and Wellness Options for the Whole Family

TLS® trim café health

Best of Health and Wellness for you and your pets. We'd like to introduce you to some of our favorite health, wellness, natural, and weight loss products that have helped us in our efforts to live healthier lives. Isotonix OPC-3 for Your Health Isotonix OPC-3® is an isotonic-capable food supplement that is made from a combination of bilberry, grape seed, red wine and pine bark extracts, and citrus extract bioflavonoids, all found to be powerful antioxidants. OPCs are bioflavonoids … [Continue reading...]

Create a Life You Love

Some referral links are below. If you click through and take action, we'll be compensated. What's New ========== We are so excited to share one of our favorite tools in keeping ourselves organized and sane. You don’t plan to fail, you fail to plan. Plan for your dreams with one of the best tools out there, The Living Well Planner. Only available for a limited time, and in limited quantities. They sell out fast! Pre-order yours through August 31st to save $10, and get special bonuses only … [Continue reading...]

well·ness ˈwelnis/ noun noun: wellness the state or condition of being in good physical and mental health. As you may or may not know about us (Dawn & Kate) by now, we are not perfect (GASP!).  We do not sip on coconut water and kale smoothies all day.  We are not always skipping over rainbows […]

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This Not That

this not that

This, Not That with The Life Balance Team Getting healthy and managing your lifestyle can hard! The truth is, even if you make all of the right lifestyle choices, the hours you’re racking up at the gym won’t give you the results you want without a healthy, balanced diet! We are excited to share with […]

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Meet the Team

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The Gift of Health-A Gift Guide

This holiday season, why not give the gift of health? We have a bunch of health challenges among us, and we’ve found several products that have really made a big difference in our general well being.  Give the gift of health and earn cash back for yourself on every product. You can set up auto-ship […]

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Say “BOO!” to Sugar Cravings

Ok, Goblins and Ghouls are not for “realsies”,  but do the Following References Strike Fear within your Heart? Halloween Candy…. Thanksgiving Dinner & Dessert …. Christmas Cookies …. … I am sure there are more sugary concoctions and meals that I could conjure up, but I do not want to give anyone nightmares. The upcoming festivities […]

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DNA Miracles® Natural Bathtime Box

The release of our DNA Miracles® Natural Bathtime Box has been a huge hit and we couldn’t be more excited about sharing this labor of love with you. So, with all of your excitement, we want to take a step back and share with you why it’s so special.   Our DNA Miracles Natural Bathtime Box was […]

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It’s A Party!


Welcome to our first TLS party of 2017! We are starting the year right and learning how to eat healthy for life. If you would like more information, please visit the Party Page! There are options for everyone, and tons of great information. We’d love to see you there!   We also have a private […]

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Pets Who Ruined Christmas and Other True Stories

The holidays are usually filled with lots of activity, socializing, and general busyness. There is so much fun to be had, even the best pet parents can find themselves dealing with some sort of emergency. We have had our share of oopsies and trips to the emergency room. Dogs are perpetual toddlers, getting into things […]

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