well·ness ˈwelnis/ noun noun: wellness the state or condition of being in good physical and mental health. As you may or may not know about us (Dawn & Kate) by now, we are not perfect (GASP!).  We do not sip on coconut water and kale smoothies all day.  We are not always skipping over rainbows with songs of joy in our hearts. We are both terrible at being regular with exercise.  And we like bacon!  We could keep going, but this is not a confessional blog post. While we are not … [Continue reading...]

This Not That

This, Not That with The Life Balance Team Getting healthy and managing your lifestyle can hard! The truth is, even if you make all of the right lifestyle choices, the hours you’re racking up at the gym won’t give you the results you want without a healthy, balanced diet! We are excited to share with you the products we love that help us stay on a healthy track. Find out what healthy swaps you can make to turn heads this summer with our This, Not That with The Life Balance … [Continue reading...]

Meet the Team

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The Gift of Health-A Gift Guide

opc beauty blend

This holiday season, why not give the gift of health? We have a bunch of health challenges among us, and we’ve found several products that have really made a big difference in our general well being.  Give the gift of health and earn cash back for yourself on every product. You can set up auto-ship […]

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Say “BOO!” to Sugar Cravings

Ok, Goblins and Ghouls are not for “realsies”,  but do the Following References Strike Fear within your Heart? Halloween Candy…. Thanksgiving Dinner & Dessert …. Christmas Cookies …. … I am sure there are more sugary concoctions and meals that I could conjure up, but I do not want to give anyone nightmares. The upcoming festivities […]

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DNA Miracles® Natural Bathtime Box

The release of our DNA Miracles® Natural Bathtime Box has been a huge hit and we couldn’t be more excited about sharing this labor of love with you. So, with all of your excitement, we want to take a step back and share with you why it’s so special.   Our DNA Miracles Natural Bathtime Box was […]

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It’s A Party!


Welcome to our first TLS party of 2017! We are starting the year right and learning how to eat healthy for life. If you would like more information, please visit the Party Page! There are options for everyone, and tons of great information. We’d love to see you there!   We also have a private […]

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Pets Who Ruined Christmas and Other True Stories

The holidays are usually filled with lots of activity, socializing, and general busyness. There is so much fun to be had, even the best pet parents can find themselves dealing with some sort of emergency. We have had our share of oopsies and trips to the emergency room. Dogs are perpetual toddlers, getting into things […]

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Not sure when our lives went to the dogs, but we LOVE it!

Not sure when our lives went to the dogs, but we LOVE it! Dawn & Kate: Founders of the Life Balance Team ______________________________ If you have not picked up on it, Kate and I really like animals and we really LOVE dogs!  Aside from the fact that we were (formerly) in laws and had various […]

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Christmas Traditions

Christmas scene with tree gifts and fire in

My Christmas traditions have their roots in Hungary. We were raised Catholic and that also influenced our traditions. We used to go to church for midnight mass every year. But all of our traditions have been combined with a lot of other Christmas ideas over the years. There are still certain foods we like to […]

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