Duke’s Bio





Allegedly Boxer (may possibly be a Pachyderm and/or a Jack Ass)


4 paws old

State: Florida

Rescued by a nice man from the Army and then came to live with a family who owns a very tasty Chocolate Lab

Fun facts:

 * Does not know how to use “an inside voice’

* Needs to be “whispered” by Cesar Milan: when and where are show auditions?

* Loves to lay in the dirt and other uncomfortable and ridiculous locations
* Commonly mistaken for a house elf (think “Harry Potter”)

Favorite food:

My food and whatever anyone else is eating
Political views:
Does not know what that means, but if stepping on someone else helps the view, he will do it.
Human Mom:
Dawn Grossi (Click here for her Bio)

Dog Brother from another mother:

Chip(click here for his bio)

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