FAQ About Massage Therapy

Are you licensed? Yes, I hold the necessary license and insurance to perform massage therapy in the state of Florida.

Florida Lic. #MA76844 and Est. Lic. # MM367822


I’ve never had a massage before, what should I expect?  I will have you fill out some paperwork  (usually ONLINE PRIOR to your appointment) to get a health and medical history. Your first appointment will include a consultation to review this information, to make sure you are able to receive a massage based on this information and to discuss with you what type of treatment is needed.  After this I will  explain to you how to lie on the table under the sheets. I will then exit the room to allow you to undress and get under the sheet.  I will knock and/or request permission to enter before entering the room.


What is the difference between Deep Tissue Massage and Deep Pressure Massage?  Click here to find out.


Is there anything I need to do or wear to prepare for the massage? You may wear comfortable clothing if you prefer, but in most cases you will be disrobing to your comfort level and lying underneath sheets.  Please do not wear any scents or perfumes and wash off excess or lotion.


Do I have to take all of my clothes off? No, you may undress to your comfort level.You will be professionally covered beneath a sheet at all times to protect your modesty.


Draping: Only the areas that I am working on will be exposed such as an arm, leg or one side of the gluteal region (with  verbal consent).

Draping laws are strictly enforced in accordance with Floridat 64B7-30.001 . As used in this rule, draping means towels, gowns, sheets or clothing. Appropriate draping of a client shall include draping of the buttocks and genitalia of all clients, and breasts of female clients.

Draping techniques: I will step out of the room while you disrobe to your comfort level and you will lay face down or face up on the table and cover yourself with the top sheet (and blanket if applicable) so that you are covered from under your shoulders and down to your feet. I will ask if you are covered before re-entering the room.

The genital areas of men and women are covered at all times and NEVER massaged.

While “breast massage” for breast health and postpartum clients will be demonstrated, 

proper draping and protocol will be implemented.


How will the massage feel? Most often it will feel good! Relaxation massages are intended to feel soothing, during a deep tissue massage there may be times where a little discomfort is felt to help release the tight tissue.  This is always done with a lot of communication to determine what amount is needed and within your comfort level.


Will I be sore after a massage?  Often times clients, especially those that don’t receive massage regularly, will experience some areas of discomfort the following day.  This is often times in conjunction with the toxins that are being released after the massage and scar tissue being broken down.  This is why is it of utmost importance that a client comes to the massage session hydrated and continue drinking extra water the day of and the day after a massage.  Also, applying ice to the area will aid in lessening the soreness.  Communication between the client and therapist at all times will also benefit the client in making this experience the most beneficial and comfortable possible.


Is it better to work out before or after my massage?  That is truly an individual preference.  A work-out will not alter the benefits of a massage before or after.  The only concern for you hard core individuals is the relaxation and analgesic effect that you many experience that may allow you to talk yourself out of working out after your session or be less aware of discomfort that may indicate that you are pushing yourself beyond your typical pain of discomfort threshold .

If you are actually doing a more intensive work out such as the long run in a marathon training program you should tell your therapist so that she may choose to do more of a sports massage on you.


Am I able to get a massage even though I’m pregnant?  Mom’s-to-be need massage desperately!!  With their rapidly changing body, the pressure a woman feels on her lower back and sciatic nerve pain can be excruciating!  We do require you to be in the at least the 2nd trimester of pregnancy and either have a “normal” pregnancy or a Dr.’s written approval.  You will lie in a comfortable side-lying position when you are no longer able to lay on your stomach.


Do I tip my therapist?  While it is appreciated, it is never expected or required. If you feel that I have provided you exceptional service it is acceptable to tip.



Benefits of Massage

From Visually.


Make Time for Massage: Health Benefits of Massage Therapy

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Florida Lic. #MA76844

Est. Lic. # MM367822 

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