Jazlyn’s Bio

Jazi head shot 22

14 paws young


Siberian Husky
State: Illinois


 Keeping mum about her origin story, was pulled from death row by rescuer who was there for another dog and decided to check dogs whose time was up that day. She went home with the rescuer and a week later multiplied by 6.
Raised 6 Siberian Husky puppies with an iron paw. Has been the boss of EVERYONE ever since. Also has Discoid Lupus and has to wear sunscreen if she is outside more than a couple of minutes.

Fun facts:

 *Rules her kingdom with great benevolence (her word).
* Occasionally regrets her choice of little brother.
* Loves everyone in the world, except bunnies (they’re tasty).

Favorite food:

 Vanilla pound cake.

Political views:

I am the Queen, your vote is irrelevant.

Human Mom:

Kate Costello (Click here for her Bio)

Dog Brother from another mother:

Kodi (click here for his bio)

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