Should I receive Massage if I am sick?

While it’s true that massage has wonderfully detoxing effects and enhances the immune system, getting a massage while in the throes of fever and sickness could be too taxing on the body.

A Few Rules:

  1. If you have a fever – No.
  2. If you know you’re contagious – No.
  3. If you’re already nauseous, even slightly – No. Massage will only increase this feeling with the release of new toxins in the system.
  4. If you have vomited or had other stomach flu symptoms in the past 24 hours- No


A 30-90 minute session is a long time for a virus to spread not only to me as your therapist, but all the objects housed in the room.   Spreading those virus germs around a warm, closed-in space during that time is a bad idea. While I am diligent in using anti-bacterial and anti-viral cleaning practices for my hands and my equipment after each bodywork session, I don’t want to catch your illness or pass it on to others.

Massage may release stored toxins in the system and flush them out quickly. During sickness, the body is already overloaded waging war on the virus. If the body then has to continue that war yet wage a new battle to remove newly released toxins as the potential result of massage, you could not only feel much worse in the short-term, but experience a longer recovery time.

Based on whatever your work schedule is, the best thing could be to cancel the appointment



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Florida Lic. #MA76844

Est. Lic. # MM367822 

Grossi Services, Inc.

Draping: Only the areas that I am working on will be exposed such as an arm, leg or one side of the gluteal region (with  verbal consent).

Draping laws are strictly enforced in accordance with Floridat 64B7-30.001 . As used in this rule, draping means towels, gowns, sheets or clothing. Appropriate draping of a client shall include draping of the buttocks and genitalia of all clients, and breasts of female clients.

Draping techniques: I will step out of the room while you disrobe to your comfort level and you will lay face down or face up on the table and cover yourself with the top sheet (and blanket if applicable) so that you are covered from under your shoulders and down to your feet. I will ask if you are covered before re-entering the room.

The genital areas of men and women are covered at all times and NEVER massaged.

While “breast massage” for breast health and postpartum clients will be demonstrated, 

proper draping and protocol will be implemented.

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