Wellness Quest 2014……Life Changes….

life change So making any sort of life change is a process. Some people jump in with both feet and others dip their toes in VERY slowly, test the waters before taking the plunge. Still others, never change at all. Which one are you? I’m the toe dipper. I like to be prepared as well as can be before jumping in. Once I feel like as many ducks are in a row as I can possibly muster, I dive right in.  My Wellness Quest seems like a small life change, but some days it REALLY feels like a BIG one.

dream home I’ve always wanted to live in the country somewhere. Somewhere I can do some gardening. I really miss gardening. House plants just aren’t quite the same as digging in the dirt in the springtime. This is a dream deferred. We had many plans for ourselves in the past ten years, most of which have not been realized. So many things didn’t go the way we had planned…..so we deferred this dream to chase the others. The trouble with deferring dreams, is that they never quite go away. They haunt your mind every once in a while, and the bigger the dream was, the more it festers in the recesses of your soul. Hmmmmmmm…..I really do envy those lovely people who can decide to make a change like moving to a different city or state and they just go and do it.  We both have a seriously over developed sense of responsibility, toward family, friends, places.  It really stunts your growth to take on responsibility for every one and every thing.  I guess that is part of being the oldest child in the family. That sense of being responsible for it all never leaves you.  But today got me thinking about changes…..

mountain cabin A cabin in the mountains could also fit me pretty well too. ;o) Some place on a lake in the mountains that has big windows and an even bigger fireplace.

farm A small farm somewhere would be a pretty nice fit too. We could raise goats and alpacas and chickens. Hey, a girl can dream. Why not dream big.

chicken burger So in between dreaming big episodes, I am actually doing well on Wellness Quest. I’m eating chicken burgers this week that we made with steamed veggies of all sorts. We bought organic free range chicken that is supposedly free of soy, antibiotics and other nasties.  So I am actually eating some good healthy food. I’ve been making myself gluten free oatmeal for breakfast, adding nuts, chia seeds and flax seed with some cinnamon and a drop of honey. I’m still having iced tea, but only one per day, so that’s progress.

Right now, vacation seems ever so far away. We are in a deep freeze again this week, and are expecting more snow this weekend. Blah.

See you all next week.



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